If you have a small kitchen space, you should learn to make good use of that minimal space so that the kitchen can be as functional as possible. You can decide to fit wall cabinets to the kitchen instead of floor cabinets. The cabinet can be placed high against the wall to create some space underneath where you can store several other things. Also, you can create a space for your toaster oven under the kitchen cabinet for more effective use of kitchen space.

Many brands of toaster oven under cabinet are being sold out there today. They are portable and can be stowed away under the cabinet where you can also use them without occupying precious space on the countertop. You can also place it on the countertop temporarily when using it and return the toaster oven to its small space under the kitchen cabinet afterward.  The toaster ovens are usually portable and can be moved from one spot to another depending on what is convenient for you at that particular time.

Many of the toaster oven under cabinets being made today are relatively cheap and energy efficient. They also come with unique designs, which make them special additions to the kitchen’s aesthetics. This write-up will focus on two of the best toaster ovens you can place under the kitchen counter.

Black+ Decker Spacemaker Under-Counter Toaster Oven

Its features are highlighted below

  • It can come in either silver or black color
  • It features a storage space for the power cable
  • It is also included with the digital control
  • The toaster oven is made of stainless steel, which means it can last for several years without any fault or rust
  • The maximum temperature it can reach is 450 degree
  • Also, it comes with ready indicator light to tell you when it is ready to serve
  • Each unit of this toaster oven comes with a two-year warranty.
  • The installation process is very easy also
  • The toaster oven can be used to keep your food warm, toast or bake it, depending on what you want
  • It can accommodate your pizza conveniently, as well as 4 slices of bread
  • It comes with a 30-minute timer for efficient cooking experience
  • The toaster oven also comes with a drop-down crumb tray

Breville Mini Smart Oven

Its features are highlighted below:

  • It comes with 8 pre-set cooking functions
  • It also comes with sound alert and auto-off features. Additionally, it can convert the temperature reading between Celsius and Fahrenheit, features which can be accessed via the time and temperature buttons fitted to it.
  • Also, it comes with a pull out crumb tray, which makes for easy cleaning.
  • One of the most outstanding accessories is the 10 inches by 10 inches enamel baking pan
  • The toaster oven can accommodate 11 inches pizza
  • It also has three rack positions
  • The total power generated is 1800W.
  • Also, its temperature control ranges from 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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