The 3 Best Hamilton Beach Toaster Reviews

If you’re seeking the top Hamilton Beach toaster reviews, look no more. We’ve gone over the brand’s most popular offerings to list the top 3 models that customers are getting this month. We’ve also tried them out to see how well they actually perform, beyond their sales figures.

The idea is to have a look at the overview we provide of each of these products, then use that information to make a decision on whether or not one of them may be right for you. There will be similarities across the three, of course—they all come from the same manufacturer.

Nevertheless, there are sufficient dissimilarities to give you space for telling them apart. It’s those dissimilarities that should tell you which one fits your needs best.

Hamilton Beach 22444

This Hamilton Beach model is one of the brand’s extra-wide slot units. It has a 2-slice capacity and comes with Hamilton Beach’s SureGuard concealed and shock-resistant heating elements for improved durability. It shuts off heat automatically if the toast gets jammed and comes with a shade selector for easy toast ‘doneness’ selection.

Extra-wide slots make them ideal for bagel- and thick-slice-lovers, while its cool-touch sides lower the chances of young ones getting burns or shocks from accidentally touching it. It also has a slide-out crumb tray.


  • Also has settings for frozen toast and bagels
  • Quite fast at toasting
  • Very wide slots


  • Could still use a little more depth in the slots
  • Doesn’t toast English muffins very well

Other users had already mentioned that this toaster didn’t toast English muffins all that well, but we put it to the test nevertheless. As others had attested, it really didn’t work out in spite of the manufacturer’s claims that it can toast this type of bread as well as it does bagels.

On the bright side, that was about the only pastry we really had trouble getting right on this machine. All the others, especially bagels, came out beautifully and very quickly.

Again Hamilton Beach’s cool-touch sides help to keep this relatively safe to touch when toasting, so it’s also a good selection for those with kids in the house. The shock-resistance is a nice feature, but toasters really shouldn’t be subjected to shocks in the first place, so it seemed unnecessary to send it skidding into a wall just to verify that (quite unscientifically).

Overall, it’s a good and attractive option that costs less than you might think.

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster

This is a 4-slice toaster from the brand with a twist: instead of having all 4 bread slots controlled by a single set of buttons and dial, you get two sets—one for each pair of slots. As the sets are independent of each other, this appliance thus simulates the experience of having 2 separate toasters that just happened to be joined to each other at the sides. It has a browning dial, an automated bread-lifting lever, 1.5-inch-wide bread slots, and a removable crumb tray.


  • Two separate pairs of bread slots that you can control independently of each other
  • Lever boosts toast out of the slots after cooking for easy removal
  • Generally cooler than most other toasters on the exterior


  • Crumbs seem to get stuck somewhere in the toaster before they reach the crumb tray

You might be thinking this: why would I pay more for a 4-slot toaster when I can just do two batches in a 2-slot one? Well, the nice thing about this particular 4-slotter is that it hardly costs that much more than its 2-slot brethren. It also gives you the option of operating only 2 slots at once, which means you can save on power costs by not using the extra slots unless you really need to.

Besides that, this toaster also manages to be relatively compact, fairly cool (as far as a toaster goes, anyway) on the outside, and quite consistent in its shades. You will have to turn it over occasionally to tap out any crumbs stuck inside, but that’s a minor price to pay for such a useful device.

Hamilton Beach 22811

The 22811 is a 2-slice toaster from Hamilton Beach that also has a Keep Warm feature. In other words, it keeps the toast warm after toasting for an extra 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes are done, the heating implement shuts off in order to prevent overcooking. It has extra-wide slots, cool-touch stainless steel sides, and special toasting settings for bagels and frozen pastries. The control buttons are illuminated and the unit has a cord wrap for minimizing clutter.



  • Light despite its stainless steel sides
  • Pretty affordable for something with a keep warm function
  • Quite good-looking



  • Cord comes out of the front side (with the controls) and is a little short
  • Crumb tray slides out from the rear
  • A little on the wide side

This is a great toaster for its price, as you rarely find automatic keep warm toasters at this price range (or not ones that work, anyway). Does this one work? Yes, very well, in fact. The bagel setting is superb at cranking out perfectly-toasted bagels and performance with all other bread types is also solid. It doesn’t look bad sitting on a counter either.

The problem is that the thought that went into its heating performance seems to have been subtracted from the practicality of its design. The crumb tray would be better in the front and the cord in the rear, for instance.

It’s also a touch wider than one would like, but that may be due to the large slots and cool-touch side design.


These are all superb examples of Hamilton Beach toasters, but the best remains the 4-slicer, and not least because it can do 4 slices at once. This is a very capable, very practically-designed machine with a lot going for it. Interestingly enough, it’s not even the priciest of the three here, being in the middle.

The most costly is, in fact, the 22811, which is a big part of what prevents it from being selected as best buy. Its cost combined with the strange quirks in its design would make a lot of people think twice when other options are available, including the 22444 and the 4-slicer we like.

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