A microwave toaster oven does two things at the same time; it works like a microwave oven and toaster oven. This means you will never have to buy a separate microwave and toaster for your kitchen. It is less expensive, and you will also not have to spend a fortune on repair or maintenance.  Believe it or not, it is a good idea to buy this appliance than buying two different kitchen appliances. It is one of the best kitchen investment decisions you can ever make.  There are several brands of this appliance around, and there is no way you will not get one that will fit your budget.

Moreover, microwave toaster oven combo will not occupy much space in your kitchen. Buying a microwave and toaster separately means you will need a lot of space on the kitchen’s countertop. You can save the space for something better when you buy an appliance that combines the two functions. It will also keep your kitchen tidy and make the place a lot roomier than ever. Having a microwave and toaster as separate units can be cumbersome, but this problem is eliminated once you have all the features together in one appliance.

What to consider when buying a microwave toaster oven combo

Before you buy any particular brand of a microwave toaster oven combo, find out if that brand combines the essential functions of the two into a single appliance. The combo should integrate the versatility of a toaster oven and speed of a microwave oven. Such a combination ensures that you can get top value for your money. Do not buy any brand that fails in this regard in your best interest.

The two top-rated microwave toaster oven combo

Two of the top-rated microwave toaster oven combo will be discussed in this piece. You can choose any one of the two, and you will get good value for your money as a result.

Breville Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven

Its unique features are below:

  • It has two heat settings and permits slow cooking from two to ten hours.
  • It can switch automatically to keep your food warm after the cooking has completed
  • It has a capacity for six slices of toast and can also accommodate 13 inches of pizza. The interior is 0.8 cubic feet.
  • Also, it features a magnetic auto-eject rack, which makes it easy to remove hot items after they are cooked.
  • The conventional fan also improves the ease of control

Panasonic Flash Xpress Toaster Oven

Its features are highlighted below:

  • It is the cheapest microwave toaster oven combo appliances around.
  • It features double infrared heating
  • It also comes with auto-cook menus
  • It is designed to prepare any food and can handle all recipes
  • The precise temperature control feature makes it the perfect for controlled food preparation
  • It also has a digital timer for easy timing of cooking
  • The interior light ensures no need to open the appliance before you can check the food in it

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