Black and Decker Toaster Oven Review

If you’re looking for a Black and Decker toaster oven review for the brand’s TO1303SB, TO3250XSB, or CTO6335S models, you’ve come to the right place. Here we take a look at these 3 top toaster oven models from this manufacturer and break down their features to see what’s good and what’s bad. This may be of aid to you as you try to pick the best countertop oven of the three.

Black & Decker TO1303SB

This model is a toaster billed as a 4-slicer by Black and Decker, and it can hold a 9in pizza within its oven. The package includes the broiling rack, baking pan, and removable crumb tray by default.

As for the appliance itself, it carries the brand’s Even Toast technology, which helps keep browning even when the device is being used to toast bread. The appliance can also warm food, bake it and broil it.


  • Affordable
  • Rather a compact machine for its capacity
  • Toasting function can be quite good once you get to know the settings for it


  • Might be too small for households where it’s meant to be used in preparing food for more than one person
  • Mastering the toasting settings will take some experimentation

This is a very nice option for those in the market for a budget toaster oven from the brand. The TO1303SB should be put through some testing first, in order for you to get whether its toast settings lean more towards the well-done or underdone relative to your preferences, but once you do have it down, you’ll find it a willing little machine.

It’s cheap, relatively consistent, and not a bad looker on the counter, all things considered. It’s probably best for people who cook only for themselves on their toaster ovens and who don’t plan to put the oven through too much complex cooking in the first place.

Black & Decker TO3250XSB

The TO3250XSB is a spacious 8-slice oven made to fit 13x9in pans. The extra-wide baking space allows you to make larger meals, including 12in pizzas. The toaster oven has 4 functions: toast, bake, broil, and keep warm. A convection fan works to ensure that the oven does its work evenly as well as swiftly for the baking function. This model also comes with dual timers – one is a dedicated toast timer and the other a 60-minute timer. The latter has a stay-on feature. The rack can be moved to any of 3 possible positions within the oven.


  • Controls are pretty intuitive
  • Seems to heat rather evenly
  • Not as heavy as it might seem from its size


  • Like most of the bigger and more powerful toaster ovens, this gets very hot on the exterior sides

This is one of the bigger toaster ovens, so it’s definitely meant for people with bigger needs. This can cook a decent-sized meal for two or even three quite capably. The interior is fairly roomy, so you have a lot of space to work with.

Since this is a convection oven, you’re also assured of better heat circulation inside it. It actually heats up quickly even when on the non-convection cooking functions (although of course a dedicated toaster will still beat it in toasting bread slices). That’s always a good thing, as it means less waiting around. Just keep in mind that you should avoid the sides when it’s in use.

Keeping this on a countertop where the kids can’t reach it is advised because the case gets very hot.

Black & Decker CTO6335S

This model is another convection-type toaster oven and it comes with a lot of modern features. That includes its shell, which is made of stainless steel, and a digital display combined with push-button controls. The buttons include ones for one-touch presets. The oven has a 120-minute timer and has enough space for a 12in pizza inside it. As with all the models in this list, it has a removable crumb tray.


  • Good-looking
  • Convection works great
  • Very even heating


  • Gets very hot on the exterior
  • Button controls would be better as dials

This is a handsome toaster oven with capacity close to the TO3250XSB’s, but with a slightly higher price tag. That may be partly the premium materials used in it and partly the modern controls. Still, more people would probably prefer knob/dial controls to these push-button ones with digital displays—or, at least, most people familiar with kitchen appliances would. Among other things, the dial controls are usually longer-lasting and easier-to-use.

Still, this is a very nice oven, and it does justify its higher price with even better performance than the TO3250XSB when it comes to convection cooking. It’s powerful and reliable, but again you need to keep it away from places the kids can reach, or you may end up with tears and screams if someone touches the wrong side of the appliance.

It may be worth pointing out here too that every toaster oven really will heat up on the sides, if only just a little. The bigger the oven and the more power it packs, the hotter it can usually get. This is why it should be placed in an area where it gets some decent air circulation against its exterior sides to help cool it even as its interiors continue baking.


So which of these should you choose? That depends: what is it you need? If you’re a single person or someone just looking to cook mostly smaller and usually solo meals, the TO1303SB is usually the first choice because it’s cheapest and has the smallest footprint.

That having been said, it won’t be ideal if you expect to be able to cook a whole chicken or something like that in the appliance.

If you require a little more from the oven, you should be looking at the other two models we’ve discussed. Of those, the TO3250XSB may be the cheaper buy, but we’d actually prefer the more expensive CTO6335S instead because it just performs and looks better, on the whole.

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