3 Oster Toaster Oven Reviews You Should Read

If you’re searching for Oster toaster oven reviews, you’re not alone. Oster is one of the best-known names when it comes to these appliances, so a lot of people are always considering the purchase of one for their kitchens. There are so many models now offered by the brand that it can get a little confusing just trying to pick one, though.

To that end, these reviews might help. Below we’ve listed the top 3 best-sellers from Oster in the toaster oven category and scrutinized them. Our findings can help you get a better sense of which models may be worth your money.


This toaster oven is a large one capable of holding pans measuring 13×9 inches (with the handles included, of course). It belongs to the class of convection ovens and thus has convection baking besides normal baking, toasting, broiling, warming, pizza heating, and defrosting on its features menu. It has one-touch controls for setting the cooking style and also has an interior light for the oven area.


  • Convection fan is pretty quiet
  • Decently fast at heating up
  • Temperature retention once heated up is good


  • There’s a strong tendency for the pan to slide off and fall to the floor/counter if you have it on the wire rack, and you pull the wire rack out without catching it on the end with your other hand

This is a very modern-looking toaster oven that may deceive you into thinking it’s more expensive than it really is. This is actually a pretty cheap model despite its looks and the presence of convection cooking. The addition of the interior light is another premium feature you don’t usually expect on a unit of its cost.

The oven performs well, on the whole, but naturally suffers from slight sloth when compared to the toasting speeds on regular toasters. Once heated up, though, it stays nice and hot, although its maximum temperature is still slightly below what would be ideal for a good broil.

That said, thinner pieces of food may be passably broiled using this. Just take care to have one oven-mitted hand ready to catch the wire rack inside it even before it slides out to half of its length. It doesn’t have a stop, so it can just slide right off and take the pan with it.


This is an extra-large oven with the capacity to fit pizzas of up to 16in within it. The same oven can easily hold a standard casserole as well. It also comes with convection fan technology for faster cooking, and a 200 to 450 degrees F temperature range. It comes with two baking racks for multi-level cooking (there are two rack positions inside, of course). It can bake, toast, defrost, and cook pizza. It also has digital controls for easy operation.


  • Enormous capacity
  • Cooks pretty evenly
  • Easy to clean


  • Cord is very short (26in to the unit’s 21in width)
  • User manual isn’t very useful

If what you need is a monster of an oven so that you can prepare big meals without having to use the range oven, this is your answer. This Oster model is enormous—it would have to be to fit a 16in pizza inside. That’s a good thing if you need the size in the first place.

The power isn’t too bad either, with the oven cooking efficiently, with good heat distribution, and fairly swiftly. The convection helps with that, naturally. All that power means a pretty hot machine, though, so if you have kids in the house, you should keep an eye out for them touching the sides of this appliance.

It can also get a little bit unwieldy because of its size—this isn’t an oven you can move around a lot, or not without straining yourself—especially with the shortness of its cord. If you can live with that, it’s a great large-capacity option, and you’ll have trouble find anything similar at the same price.


The TSSTTVSK01 is another of Oster’s extra-large toaster ovens, capable of fitting a 13in by 9in pan or a 12in pizza. It has dial controls and a 14.1in by 18.8in by 22.5in size. It has a slide-out drip tray under the main rack, which can be adjusted to sit on either of two levels. It also has convection cooking.


  • Large but not too large to make moving it around a total chore
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Uses knob/dial controls, which tend to last longer than the digital or push-button types


  • Gets pretty hot on the exterior (not the dials, though)
  • Rack could be reinforced so it bends less under heavy load

This is yet another great convection oven with large cooking capacity from Oster. This one actually sits between the previous two we’ve discussed when it comes to price—although it should be mentioned that the price jumps from one of these models to another aren’t all that high.

This mid-price, large-capacity option offers performance very similar to its slightly cheaper sibling (the first model in this list), although it does replace that one’s controls with a more durable dial-dominated panel. It also has a more attractive brushed chrome finish.


Oster’s bigger toaster ovens tend to be among its more popular products for a reason.

All of these would make great, high-capacity additions to any kitchen. If you have really big oven needs but don’t want to use the full-size oven, though, you should pick the largest of the 3 above: the TSSTTVDGXL-SHP. This enormous toaster oven can pull a lot of weight and with a minimum of fuss, so you’ll likely forgive its faults—like that strangely short cord—in no time at all once you see how well it performs.

If you don’t want something that oversized but still want something capable of doing its duty when the time comes, though, you should aim for the TSSTTVSK01. Unlike its black-and-chrome-finished sibling, it doesn’t have a wire rack prone to sliding out and also offers great looks and utility for a reasonable cost.

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