3 Chefman Toaster Reviews You Have to Read

Chefman makes a wide range of kitchen appliances that have found success with the buying public. Among its best-known products are its toasters, which we’ll be talking about here.

In the following Chefman toaster reviews, we’ll be talking about some of the company’s most well-known offerings in this sector of the kitchen appliance market. We’ll look over their features and appeal as well as the drawbacks each one may have.

This can help a Chefman fan more easily determine which of the following toasters may suit him best, so pay attention if you like the brand and are considering a toaster from it.

Chefman RJ31-SS

The RJ31-SS is a toaster with a 2-slice capacity. Encased in stainless steel, this modern toaster also boasts features like LED indicators and a surface that stays relatively cool to the touch even during toasting. It can handle bagels and also has a setting for defrosting frozen bread. Another option gives the user the ability to reheat previously toasted bread again. The appliance has a bread lifter for easy removal of food from the slots and also boasts a removable crumb tray.


  • Clean, modern design is quite appealing
  • Wide slots
  • Quick toasting


  • Actually does get hot on the sides after a bit of use, despite Chefman’s claims about it staying cool

This is a low-cost but surprisingly nice option for you if you’re seeking a well-rounded budget toaster. The fact that it’s capable of heating up bagels, having both the slot width and a dedicated setting for them, is something a lot of people will appreciate.

The inclusion of all the important basics is worth appreciating too, from a bread-lift lever to a removable crumb tray. To add to that, it’s pretty efficient; heating up swiftly and browning bread with reasonable consistency.

The only real problem is that the sides can still get hot, even with the assertions about cool-touch design. They won’t leave a burn mark, but it’s still not the sort of thing you—or someone much younger—should touch.

Chefman 2-Slice Toaster With Extra-wide Slots

This plastic-encased toaster has unusually wide slots designed to accommodate artisanal bread slices or bagels. There are food guides within each slot that automatically work to keep food centered within them, no matter the thickness of the bread inserted. Chefman has also equipped this model with its patented anti-jam protection. The controls include a browning control dial and a button for bagel mode.


  • Very simple to operate
  • Very cheap
  • Compact, clean-looking design



  • Won’t fit longer/larger bread slices
  • Some units seem to have been sold with defective browning controls


This is yet another cheap 2-slicer from Chefman, and it fits its niche—the budget bagel toaster niche—exceedingly well. You won’t find a lot of products that can offer the value it does at its price right now, and what it lacks in features it makes up for in good, old-fashioned ease of usage.

The control knobs and buttons on this toaster are markedly sparse and simple when compared to most other ones today, but that’s a big part of its appeal as it means there’s barely any ‘figuring out’ to do after you unbox it. Mystery has been left by the wayside here in favor of sheer practicality.

It won’t fit everyone’s needs even then, of course: larger and longer slices of bread are hard to pop into it, so people who like those may complain. Still, for those who get what it does and want only those things, this should be a very sound purchase.

Chefman RJ06

The RJ06 is a 2-slice toaster from Chefman that has extra-wide slots and a handsome stainless steel case. This model also has centering guides for food in each one of its slots, which can be set to toast, reheat, defrost (frozen), and toast bagels. This 9x8x12in appliance has a simplified control panel with 6 buttons that let you choose the cooking function you want to use. There is also a button for cancelling the previous selection or currently ongoing operation. Like its Chefman siblings, the RJ06 has an easy-lift lever, a dishwasher-safe crumb tray, and a browning control knob.



  • Nice-looking
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with defrost, reheat, and bagel modes



  • Feels a little less substantial than one would usually like
  • Longtime owners claim that the finish and labels for controls wear down quickly

This is a mid-priced 2-slice toaster, and it does perform much as you would expect as a result. That is, it contains most of the cooking functions one would consider necessary at this price tier today and also offers generally trouble-free operation.

That having been said, it does feel a little on the light side for a stainless steel appliance. We would prefer it to feel a bit sturdier, even if that were to add weight to it. It’s not that anything about it immediately strikes you as creaky, but there’s a slight concern about how light it is and how durable it would be under daily use (with a light bump or two here and there).


Which of the products above suits you best is really something only you can decide for yourself, but if we had to recommend one of them to anyone, it would be the RJ31-SS. It simply seems the best and most capable of the trio, what with its swift heating and fairly predictable browning results.

Anyway, it has practically all of the other characteristics that make the other two also attractive: wide slots, for instance, and convenient bread-lifting levers, for another.

That said, if you don’t think you need all of its features, you can settle for the budget option next: the 2-slicer with wide slots (second among the entries above). It can run you a surprisingly low cost for purchase but still mimic the important functions of the RJ31-SS. It’s also rather nice-looking for its price, not to mention sturdier feeling than the ironically more expensive RJ06.

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