How to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Some memories can never be bought. The proud tears in dad’s eyes when he sees his little girl transformed into the glamorous bride. The hugs and the kisses from family and friends. All this excitement adds up to a perfect and memorable day. To make your wedding day even more memorable here are some tips that you should put into consideration.

Observe other Weddings

Think of other weddings that you have attended before. What did you exactly dislike or like at that wedding? Would you have done it differently? This is the best point to start from when you begin to plan for your wedding. It is a good point for you to identify the mistakes and ensure you correct them in your own wedding.

Running Order

Don’t force yourself to stick to the traditional order of running a wedding and the usual traditions of a wedding day. Do things the way YOU want to do them not because that is the way they should. Be unique if you desire to walk down the aisle the two of you or eat your wedding cake for breakfast do it? Let no one force you to do things because it is the “done thing.” keep in mind if things go wrong you will have yourself to blame.


Personalize your day with a thrilling theme that represents your interests or style. Ensure everything is in theme for instance dress code, selfie photo frames, sunglasses, backdrops, flowers. Everything has to be in the theme just as you want. The theme should be right that you and your guests will appreciate.


I have never seen a wedding that misses photos. Photos are a dominant way of owning your day. You can have some on display, get a photo album or a guest book for signing. You can also have a Tv for the photo slide show or photo frames.

Also, some Polaroid cameras can work best for your guests to use during the day. A keepsake box can also be a useful tool for the guest to write their messages and drop them in there for you to take home and read at your own convenience time. Having these items in your wedding will build memorable moments that you will live to remember.


Food is very crucial in any gathering or event. It should be unique a sumptuous and enough for everyone. Did you ever hear people complaining of food at previous weddings? Food is that serious and must be planned for properly when preparing for a wedding.

Make a variety of food to ensure everyone is well taken care of for instance if you are a vegetarian you can also consider those who are not. These will make your wedding unique in that people who attended will live to talk about.